In each of our three classes, core learning concepts such as math and literacy are seamlessly integrated into the play-based curriculum and are steadily increased at age-appropriate levels. The classroom is organized into stations to allow students the opportunity to explore different activities while fostering creativity and independence. The teacher communicates directly with parents through informal conversations, report cards, and formal conferences to address each child’s unique development.

Family Responsibilities

At EvCP, we are all owners, creators, and managers of our children’s preschool. Parental involvement and duties are as follows:

  • Parents are co-teachers in the preschool classroom one day per week.
  • Parent education opportunities will be available throughout the year.
  • Parents hold either a board position or another parental job, which enables the preschool to continue to run smoothly.
  • Parents also assist with set-up and clean-up days and attend orientation meetings.
  • Parents are required to attend membership meetings throughout the year.
  • Social outings will be organized to allow families to connect outside of school. All families are strongly encouraged to participate in the various potlucks, meetups, and playdates.

For more information on joining the Everett Cooperative Preschool, please contact us at (preferred) or 425-522-3874.